Daniel's Astronomy Page

This is a place where I store processed and unprocessed data from my telescopes/cameras.


You are free to share, remix, use my pictures, even commercially, as long as you give credit. (see Contact)
Just don't try to do anything stupid like trying to take credit for my work.

How to use this

In each folder you will see a date. These represent astrophotography nights/sessions.
You can use this to see common Winter/Summer targets, or visit categories.html
for an easier list. For pictures that don't deserve a directory, they go to the /etc directory.


For my main setup, I have a Canon T6/1300D, a 300mm lens, and a 55mm lens.
I use this for most of my pictures and Will often use it to record video.
I have a cheap tripod and a battery grip for extra long life (I have 3 backup batteries)

I run Magic Lantern on this camera, and use it mostly for the built-in intervalometer.
As of June 21 2021, Magic Lantern has not been released for the 1300D.
Long story short, I got it working thanks to a PTP hack I made.

For my second setup, I have a cheap $15 Goodwill telescope and an old 2007 Sony camera jerryrigged to it.
I rarely use that that setup, but when I do, it is typically for moon pictures, and even Saturn once. Sadly,
The Sony camera is fully manual, so it is impossible to image anythng other than Saturn. I rarely take it out.

Sadly, this is not hackable, with no firmware to study.

My first telescope was an old 1970s Meade reflector. It was a pain to set up, but I sure did enjoy clear nights with it.
At that time, I lived in a Bortle 4-5 town. I now live in a very light polluted city (Bortle 7-8),
but I often visit the nearby mountains to enjoy Bortle 2-3.

I do not have a star tracker. I memorize constellations, and often make my own
when searching for deep sky objects.


I typically use Deep Sky Stacker for image processing. It is free and open-source.

I'm currently learning how to use Siril.

Although I write a lot of code, I currently have not written much code for astronomy.

For image editing, I always use GIMP.

https://nova.astrometry.net/ is very useful.

https://worldwidetelescope.org/webclient/ is a good online planetarium with lots of public data.

https://theskylive.com/planetarium is another good online planetarium.

Sky Map is the best Android star finder app I have found.

Raw Data

Since my server is currently running on a 60gb SSD, I do not host much many data image files here.
If you would like some for reprocessing, feel free to email me.


Name: Daniel Cook
Search engine keywords: "Daniel Cook Astronomy"
Email: [brikbusters at gmail period com]